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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner?
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our current courses are restricted to couples only – until restrictions are lifted by Queensland Health.
Following the easing of restrictions, students are not required to have their own partners. Our courses are designed around individual learning, coupled with other students participating in the course.

What clothes do I need to wear?
It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes which you can move in. Sleeved shirts for both men and ladies are recommended.

What shoes should I wear?
Joggers are not recommended after the first few lessons as they can cause you to stick to the dance floor. It is advised for both men and women to wear comfortable shoes, that allow freedom of movement. Low heeled shoes for the ladies, and comfortable shoes for the guys.

Will I need prior experience?
Not at all! Our fun Beginner Course is a step by step introduction to dance and is designed for the absolute beginner. For our Intermediate Course it is recommended to first complete our Beginner Course.

What week can I join?
Students are welcome to join in the first and second weeks. After the second week, it is recommended to wait until the next available course commencement.

Do I need to bring anything special?
There is nothing special you need to bring on the night. We provide iced water and you are welcome to bring your own drink bottle.